Job Hunting Fund/New Life Fund

Aid for job hunting/new life after getting a job

Some students have economic difficulties in traveling to visit businesses at which they wish to work or they have a job interview, and/or in moving to begin a new life after being employed. In such cases, not only the students lose an opportunity to get a job but also the company to employ excellent personnel.
To avoid these situations happening, we have two kinds of fund for Thai students trying hard to achieve their goals.
Please inquire JAPAN BUSINESS CENTER CO., LTD. for more details. (Available in Japanese, English, and Thai) *To utilize this system, certificate of Japan Business Workshop or Japan Business Lab is required if you are a student, registration to the membership service if a company.
*Regulations may apply to the provision of the fund.

  • Job Hunting Fund Available for students living far from the city
    • Applicants must be a job candidate at a Japanese-owned company in Thailand or a company in Japan.
    • Transportation fee for airway/bus/railway is paid to a student traveling approximately 250km or more to central Bangkok for a job interview.
    • The fund is available once only for each student and repayment is not necessary.
  • New Life Fund Available for students to start a new life after being employed
    • Usable for housing lease, moving, purchasing daily necessities, etc.
    • Available once only for each student, and the maximum amount is 100,000baht
    • Interest-free loan